5 Awesome YouTube Features You Should Be Utilizing

Over the past year, YouTube has been rolling out more features that are designed to support creators. The platform has added more ways to connect with your viewers as well as more ways to monetize your channel.

If you’re a content creator, then you should definitely be utilizing these five new YouTube features.

1. Make more money with the Merch Shelf.

If you have a line of channel merch to sell, then make sure to set up your store on Teespring. Then, you can link your store to your YouTube account and set up a Merch Shelf, which displays your merch listings right under your videos.

To learn more about the Merch Shelf feature, check out this post and the video below.

2. Connect with your viewers in real time with YouTube Live.

Live streams let viewers and their favorite creators connect anytime. If you use YouTube Live, then you can make your streams mobile and go live from anywhere in the world.

This feature also includes several ways to monetize your live streams, unlike Instagram Live. This post will teach you everything you need to know before going live.

3. Keep your audience in the loop with YouTube stories.

As YouTube’s newest feature, stories are still in the process of being rolled out to more creators. However, with the popularity of Snapchat and Instagram stories, you can be sure your subscribers are looking forward to it!

To find out if you’re eligible for YouTube stories, be sure to check out this post.

4. Build hype around your videos with Premieres.

Want more viewers to know when you’re planning to upload? Have you ever dreamed of turning your upload into a watch party? Then Premieres is the feature you’ve been waiting for!

Use Premieres to schedule a date and time for your video to be published. As soon as it’s live, you can watch alongside your viewers. Find out more about this cool new feature here.

5. Protect your videos with the Copyright Match tool.

Many YouTubers are plagued by scammers who steal their videos and re-upload them to channels of their own. To protect your videos, use the Copyright Match tool to find full reuploads of your videos and take measures to have them removed.

Learn how to use the Copyright Match tool in this post.

YouTube is constantly developing new features to make the platform even better. The more subscribers you gain, the more cool features you’ll gain access to.

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