Everything You Need For Great YouTube Live Streaming

Facebook and Instagram Live make it easy for anyone to stream live video. However, YouTube has its own in-house video streaming feature, which makes it the best place to connect with your audience in real time.

Here’s everything you need for great YouTube live streaming.

1. Make sure your account is in good standing and verified.

When you go to the Creator Studio on YouTube, you can also find your YouTube Live dashboard. This is where you’ll need to go to get your account set up for live streaming.

Besides making sure that your account is in good standing, YouTube will also need to verify your identity through a phone call or text. It only takes a few seconds to verify your account, and then you’re all set.

This video will walk you through the nest steps to get your live stream started.

2. Invest in a quality webcam.

Though the built-in webcam on your laptop is good enough to start streaming, your audience will appreciate the improved quality of an external webcam. An external camera will make your videos more clear, which makes them easier for your audience to watch and enjoy.

However, you don’t have to buy a super expensive webcam to make your live streams great. There are many affordable options available that will give you the quality you need without all the added features you don’t want. You should expect to spend about $30-100.

You can start researching the best webcams for your budget with YouTube reviews like this one.

3. Make sure you have the proper internet speed to support live streaming.

The speed of your internet service can impact the quality of your live stream. If your internet connection is too slow, then the video may lag, which can, in turn, frustrate your audience. In order to make sure your live stream keeps its quality intact, you need to have the proper bandwidth.

Your live video quality is impacted by both upload and download speed. Typically, the higher your upload speed is, the higher your video quality will be. The download speed determines whether your stream buffers or lags.

Bandwidth requirements for successful live streaming can vary greatly. Use your viewers’ comments on the live stream to help determine if you need to increase your bandwidth. It’s best to contact your internet service provider with any questions or concerns you have.

YouTube makes it easy to connect with your audience in real-time through live streaming. In order to make your live streaming great, you need a verified account, a quality webcam, and the proper bandwidth.

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