How To Get More Views Using YouTube Premieres

Like the season premiere of your favorite TV show, YouTube’s premieres feature allows you and your viewers to experience a new pre-recorded video together. When you premiere your content, you get a shareable watch page to help you hype up the new video. The feature has been rolled out to a small group of channels for testing and will be available to more creators soon.

Here’s how to get more views using YouTube premieres.

1. Make sure you’re using a desktop computer.

Premieres can only be created from the desktop version of YouTube, not the mobile app. So, before setting up a new premiere, make sure you’re using your laptop or a desktop computer.

In the days or hours leading up to your premiere, you can promote your new video through YouTube Live. You can go live through either desktop or mobile.

2. Upload and schedule the video.

Next, upload your video as you normally would. However, in the drop-down menu, select “Scheduled” rather than “Public.” Pressing “Public” would make your video premiere as soon as it’s finished uploading.

On the next page, click “Premiere.” Then, select the date and time you want your video to premiere. Consider premiering your video at a different time or on a different day than your usual uploads. For example, if you usually upload Monday afternoons, try a Friday night premiere. Think of ways to make the premiere feel like a special event for your audience.

When your video finishes processing, don’t forget to click “Premiere” in the top right corner of your screen.

3. Promote your video through the public watch page.

After your premiere is scheduled, a public watch page will be created for it. This is where your video will premiere. Encourage your viewers to turn on post notifications so that they’re alerted thirty minutes before the premiere starts. They’ll also be notified when the video premieres.

When the video premieres, interact with your audience in the comments and in the live chat. If your channel has Superchat enabled, you can earn money through interacting with your most supportive viewers.

Use YouTube premieres to turn your video uploads into special events for your audience. After the premiere, the video will remain on your channel as a regular upload, which you can continue to promote.

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