7 Vlogmas Videos Every Creator Can Make

Every December, vloggers and content creators in every niche and community post new videos every day leading up to Christmas. Popularly known as Vlogmas, this annual tradition can help channels of any size easily grow their numbers.

However, the real challenge with Vlogmas comes with finding twenty-five original video ideas. When you find yourself stuck, start with one of these!

1. Do a gift haul.

After you finish shopping for presents, film a gift haul to show your viewers what you bought. You can even divide it into several videos, such as “What I Got My Family For Christmas,” “What I Got My Best Friend For Christmas,” and “What I Got My Boyfriend For Christmas.” Just make sure the people you bought the gifts for don’t watch the videos until after the holidays!

Vlogger Anna Gibbons turned her gift haul into a gift guide that other people could use to choose gifts for the special guys in their lives.

2. Take your viewers through a festive day in your life with a vlog.

If you’re going Christmas tree shopping, decorating your house, or exchanging gifts with friends, be sure to bring your camera along! Record a festive vlog to get your viewers in the holiday spirit.

Zoe Sugg filmed herself buying and decorating a Christmas tree as one of her Vlogmas uploads.

3. Cover a Christmas carol.

Even if you’re not a musician, you can cover your favorite Christmas carol for your YouTube channel. If you’re nervous to sing by yourself, invite a few friends to accompany you!

Hazel Hayes isn’t a professional singer, but she occasionally posts covers to her channel. Last Christmas, she sang “Fairytale of New York.”

4. Invite another vlogger over for a cheerful collab.

The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, so why not invite a fellow vlogger over to collab? You can decorate cookies, play a holiday-themed game, or anything else that makes you feel festive!

Joey Graceffa invited actress and vlogger Madelaine Petsch over for a Gingerbread House Challenge.

5. Help your viewers out with a gift guide.

Similar to the gift haul, you can give your viewers ideas of what presents to buy with a gift guide. However, instead of showing them what you’ve already bought, you can screenshot listings from Amazon or other online retailers.

Evan Edinger created a budget gift guide for his audience.

6. Do a quick Q-and-A.

A video that is always fairly quick and easy to film is a Q-and-A. Ask your viewers for questions on Twitter, then respond to your favorites in a sit-down video. To stay with the holiday theme, request specifically winter-related questions.

Claire Fabian uploaded a Q-and-A as part of her Vlogmas series.

7. Share your holiday morning routine.

How has your morning routine changed since the holidays started? What changes do you make to your skincare routine in the winter? Are there any new holiday-themed products you’re loving?

Answer all of these questions and more in a holiday morning routine video, like Meredith Foster did.

Vlogmas is the most wonderful time of the year on YouTube. Use these seven video ideas to kick your channel festivities into high gear.

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