Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Stories

Thanks to the popularity of Snapchat, the stories feature is the next big thing on social media. YouTube is the latest platform to introduce a stories feature, which it tested with a small group of creators over the past year. After the experiment proved successful, YouTube decided to roll out the stories feature to even more channels.

Now, the stories feature will be available to all creators with more than ten thousand subscribers.

The feature works a lot like Instagram or Snapchat stories, so you’ll be able to add text, music, stickers, and filters to your posts.

You can only access stories from the mobile app.

To access your story, open up the YouTube app on your mobile device. Then, select the video camera icon and choose Create Story.

Subscribers can interact with your story by leaving comments.

What makes YouTube’s story feature unique is the addition of comments. When they watch your story, your fans can leave comments and thumbs up or thumbs down other comments.

You can also heart comments, or you can respond with a picture or video that gets added to your story.

All of the comment moderation tools you use on your videos apply to your story as well.

Stories stay up for seven days.

Another thing that sets YouTube stories apart from similar features on other platforms is how long the posts stay up. After you post a story, your fans will be able to see it for seven days. This way, more of your viewers will be able to see your story.

It’s not just subscribers who will see your story, either. Stories show up on non-subscribers’ home pages and suggestions as well as in subscribers’ subscription boxes.

YouTube’s new stories feature takes all the best aspects of Instagram stories and adapts it to best suit creators and viewers alike. Use the new stories feature to connect with your viewers and promote your next video.

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