The Emotions That Draw Viewers Towards A Video

On social media, users are often overwhelmed by negative news stories. However, Tubular Lab’s third quarter video trend report found that engagement on uplifting stories has gone up nearly 75%.

By creating videos that elicit positive emotions in your viewers, you can both attract more viewers and help them walk away feeling better.

Make positivity a part of your personal brand.

Canadian vlogger Lilly Singh is one of the biggest creators in YouTube history. With more than fourteen million subscribers, Lilly has dominated YouTube’s trending page for years.

Though lots of other vloggers like to use personal drama or negative opinions to bring viewers to their channels, Lilly built her empire around the power of positivity. She aims to create videos that are relatable and enjoyable so that her viewers always have something to make them smile.

Comedy, music, and short films lend themselves well to positivity. If you want to create more serious content on your channel, brand the rest of your social media with a sunny disposition.

Bring your viewers along on exciting experiences.

Excitement is another emotion that draws viewers to your videos. Hyping up your videos will create that excitement in your audience. When you’re planning to release an important video, such as a new music video or a special collab, create hype around it for at least a week in advance. You can hype your videos by posting teaser clips, encouraging your fans to post about it using a unique hashtag, or using the new YouTube Premieres feature.

You can also get your viewers excited by bringing them along on your own exciting experiences. When you’re traveling, getting ready for a special event, or hanging out with your vlogger friends, you should bring your camera along.

Colleen Ballinger has been sharing her pregnancy journey with her audience through main channel videos, Miranda Sings videos, and daily vlogs like this one.

Share stories that will make your viewers feel good.

When storytime videos became a popular niche on YouTube, thousands of viewers were drawn to the dramatic, cringy, and heartbreaking stories vloggers shared. Now, drama channels have become popular as well.

However, as a result of recent scandals, many viewers and creators alike are longing for a shift in YouTube’s content landscape. Instead of contributing to the popularity of drama videos, share positive, uplifting stories from your own life with your viewers.

Positivity and excitement draw viewers to your videos. Share content that will make your audience feel good to keep them coming back for more.

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