5 Thanksgiving Video Ideas For Every Vlogger

Next week, people all across the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving. However, Thanksgiving-themed videos aren’t limited to American vloggers. No matter where you are in the world, you can show your viewers how grateful you are with a special video or two.

Here are five Thanksgiving video ideas every vlogger can use.

1. Share a storytime about your family.

Storytime videos are as fun and easy to watch as they are to film. Since many people travel to spend Thanksgiving with their families, November is the perfect time to share a story about yours.

Consider having a friend join you to swap stories, like in this Refinery29 video.

2. Show viewers how to make your favorite traditional recipe.

People from all over the world celebrate their cultures with traditional recipes. Thanksgiving dinner is considered a traditional American meal, so you can show your viewers how to make your favorite traditional cultural recipe.

This Latina mother showed viewers how she incorporates her Mexican culture into her family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Throw a Friendsgiving for your vlogger friends.

Many Americans hold “Friendsgiving” parties to celebrate with their friends a few days before the actual holiday. Invite a few of your vlogger friends over for a Friendsgiving of your own. You can turn this into several videos, including making the food, designing decorations, and vlogging the party.

This chef shared her easy Friendsgiving menu.

4. Find a creative way to share what you’re thankful for.

The spirit of Thanksgiving is, of course, thankfulness. Share the spirit of the season by telling your viewers about what you’re grateful for. However, instead of just listing what you’re thankful for, find a creative way to turn it into a video.

Last year, the Merrell Twins made a super cute video about what they’re thankful for.

5. Try your hand at creating a Thanksgiving carol.

Many people in the US wait until after Thanksgiving to start listening to Christmas music. However, there is a notorious lack of Thanksgiving music. This has turned the idea of “Thanksgiving carols” into a great comedic troupe.

Try writing a Thanksgiving carol of your own, like Nicole Westbrook infamously did with “It’s Thanksgiving.”

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to remind your viewers why you’re grateful for them. Give them something to be thankful for with one of these Thanksgiving video ideas.

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