How To Promote Your Next Video Using Instagram

One of the keys to getting more views the day you upload a new video is a social media marketing plan. Your channel is a company, and each new video is a product. When you promote each upload on social media, you’re advertising to a lot of potential viewers.

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram is an important part of your social media marketing plan. Knowing when to post and what to post will help you reach new viewers.

Here’s how to promote your next video using Instagram.

1. Make an Instagram post as soon as you upload a new video.

When your new video is done uploading, post a new picture to Instagram. Even if the photo itself is unrelated to the video, describe your new upload in the caption. Be sure to put the link to the video in your bio. Your Instagram post will also act as a video notification for viewers who don’t have your YouTube post notifications turned on.

Vlogger Gabbie Hanna has been promoting her new music video with a series of Instagram posts. Every day, she shares a new still or clip from the video.

2. Share behind-the-scenes content on your Instagram story.

Your Instagram story is one of the best places to promote your new video. Share behind-the-scenes pictures when you’re working on the video. Tell your viewers when it will be uploaded and post the link when it goes live.

Use your Instagram story as a mini-vlog. Keep your viewers in the loop with your video creation process. However, to get them to watch your entire story, try to limit yourself to three to five posts per day.

3. Engage with your followers for a video.

Instagram is designed for engagement. Your followers can tag you in pictures and posts they want you to like and comment on. You can ask for their help making video decisions in a poll or answer their questions on your story.

Many YouTubers create entire videos out of their followers’ Instagram engagement. For example, the “followers control my life” trend utilized Instagram’s poll feature to help viewers choose the decisions their favorite vloggers made for a video.

4. Run an Instagram giveaway.

One of the quickest ways to draw attention to your social media presence is to run a giveaway. Host yours on Instagram so that more people see it, but require them to subscribe to your YouTube channel in order to enter. Set definitive guidelines and an end date. Spell out all of the rules in an Instagram post, then link the post in the description of your next video.

Ideally, your giveaway post should showcase the prizes and your channel name.

Instagram is a key player in every vlogger’s social media marketing plan. Make an Instagram post as soon as you upload a new video and engage with your followers through your story.

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