Where To Find Video Sponsors

Sponsored content has become incredibly common on YouTube. Brands often partner with content creators to promote their products. In return, the creators get to make bigger and better videos by earning more money than they would with a typical video.

Rather than waiting for brands to contact you, take the initiative to reach out to potential sponsors. Send them an email expressing your interest in working together. But first, you have to decide which companies to contact.

Here are a few ways to find potential video sponsors.

1. Apply for campaigns on YouTube sponsorship sites.

Sites such as FameBit act like a marketplace for sponsorships. Creators of any size can find brands that want to work with them and apply for campaigns that interest them. Start your search for brand deals on FameBit or another video sponsorship site.

To learn more about how FameBit compares to other YouTube sponsorship sites, check out the video below.

2. DM companies that follow you on social media.

If a company follows you on Twitter or Instagram, they may be interested in working with you as a brand representative. Send them a DM in order to get the ball rolling.

Mention what you love about the company and any ideas you have for sponsored videos. Direct them to your business email for further inquiries.

3. Contact brands that have worked with vloggers similar to you.

When you’re looking for video sponsors, ask other vloggers you know about the companies they’ve worked with before. If they had a positive experience, ask for the contact information of the employee they worked with.

If you don’t know any other vloggers who’ve made sponsored videos before, then find YouTube channels similar to yours that have done brand deals. Contact the companies that sponsored videos for creators with a similar subscriber count or in the same content niche as you.

4. Reach out to local small business owners.

Finally, don’t overlook the brands in your own backyard. Every community has its own unique small businesses, many of which may struggle with social media promotion. Reach out to your favorite small businesses with sponsorship ideas that benefit both of you.

Contacting a small business without much of a social media presence may be difficult. For help finding their contact info, check out this video.

Video sponsors enable creators to make more ambitious videos, and in turn, the creators help these brands reach more potential customers. Follow these tips to find the video sponsors who are looking for creators like you.

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