5 Stress Management Tips Every Vlogger Needs

No matter what others may think, creating YouTube videos is a difficult and stressful career. You have to be a filmmaker, writer, editor, director, actor, set designer, sound engineer, and role model all at the same time. When you wear that many hats, the stress may feel too hard to bear, but you are not alone. Every vlogger goes through the same thing, and your viewers love you and your content regardless.

Nevertheless, it’s always okay to take a break or ask for help. Here are a few tips to get you started managing your stress as a vlogger.

1. Stick to a schedule.

Creating a schedule for yourself will help you better manage your time and therefore your stress. By planning out your week, you’ll save yourself from scrambling to put together a new video last minute.

Alongside your upload schedule, create a production schedule for yourself. Determine specific days to plan, film, and edit your videos before uploading them.

2. Keep a creative outlet that’s just for you.

You pour all of your creative energy into your YouTube videos. However, at the end of the day, no matter how great a new video turned out, you may still feel creatively drained. Depending on your passion project to support you financially as well can make you scared of running out of ideas or facing creative burnout.

Turning your hobby into a career made your creative outlet into a business. Therefore, you should choose a new creative outlet that’s just for you. Pick up a new artistic hobby, even if you don’t think you’ll be very good at it. Teach yourself to paint, pick up an instrument, or write a few poems. You don’t have to share this new hobby on your channel. Keeping a creative hobby to yourself will help you relieve stress and replenish your creative energy.

Vlogger Anna Akana made a video about the importance of having a creative hobby that’s unrelated to your creative career. Check it out below.

3. Establish clear boundaries between your social media presence and your personal life.

Because YouTubers are expected to share their entire lives with the internet, knowing where to draw the line can be difficult. However, it’s important to create a balance between your social media presence and your personal life.

Remember that your audience isn’t entitled to every detail of your life. Share important things with them and be honest, but don’t be afraid to keeps certain things to yourself for a while. Your privacy is important, and establishing these boundaries allows the content you create to stand on its own.

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger recently announced her pregnancy and engagement. Learning from her previous public relationship, Colleen waited until the right time to share these important personal updates with her viewers.

4. Know when to take a break.

Uploading new videos on a strict schedule puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Unlike people in other careers, for you, taking a day off means answering to thousands of viewers rather than a single boss. Your audience depends on you to keep new content coming, but if you’re overworked, then you can’t continue creating videos of the same quality.

Most employers allow their employees a few vacation days. As a vlogger, you are your own boss, so you have to decide when it’s the right time to take a break. You can let your viewers know on social media or in a video that you need a few days off, but also let them know when you’ll be back. Your audience will still be there when you return.

5. Allow yourself to create the videos you want regardless of the audience response you expect.

Because of changes to the YouTube algorithm and a platform-wide drop in views, many vloggers find themselves stuck in a rut of recycling old content in order to keep the audience they have interested. However, allowing your video ideas to become stagnant can also plateau your view count.

Recently, several major creators have found even bigger audiences for themselves by breaking the molds of the content their audiences expect. By allowing themselves to create the videos they want regardless of how they expect their viewers to respond, these creators have both grown their audiences and grown as people.

The best example of a creator finding success by breaking old patterns is Shane Dawson, whose new documentary series have been taking YouTube by storm. His already popular channel has grown exponentially over the last few months with the changes he made to his content.

As a vlogger, you need to prioritize your own happiness just as much as your viewers’. By managing your stress, you can shift your focus back to the passion that made you want to start creating YouTube videos in the first place.

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