How To Make Sure Your Subscribers Are Notified About New Uploads

The introduction of the post notification bell was supposed to help boost views because subscribers would be notified as soon as a new video was uploaded. However, many vloggers have been expressing their concern that the feature isn’t working properly.

Thankfully, YouTube isn’t the only platform that enables post notifications. By making use of other social media platforms, you can ensure your viewers know as soon as a new video goes live.

Here’s how to make sure your viewers are notified about new uploads.

1. Link your video to your Instagram story.

Instagram stories are where your followers go for up-to-the-minute updates from their favorite creators. Let them know as soon as your new video is uploaded by sharing the link on your story.

You can tease the video you’re working on a few days before uploading it by sharing behind-the-scenes sneak peeks on your story. After the video goes up, continue to share the link to your story for the next few days. For more ways to promote your channel using Instagram stories, check out this post.

Watch this video to learn how to add videos links to your Instagram story. Be sure to tell your followers to swipe up!

2. Encourage viewers to turn on your social media notifications.

You should be posting your video link to Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media platforms you use every time you upload. However, because of the way the post-ranking algorithms are designed, your followers may not see your post until much later. To ensure they see it, encourage your followers to turn on your post notifications across all social media.

A great way to get your followers to turn on your post notifications is to host a giveaway. Set “turn on my post notifications” as one of the rules of the giveaway. To learn how to hold the giveaway, read this post.

To get ideas for what prizes to choose for your giveaway, search through several giveaway accounts on Twitter and see what their most popular posts are.

3. Tweet before you upload.

When it comes to promoting your new videos, Twitter is just as important as Instagram is. Your viewers are likely to follow you on at least one of them, so don’t neglect either platform. While you’re editing a new video or waiting on it to upload, tweet to let your fans know what to expect.

Vlogger Ricky Dillon responds to fan questions and keeps them updated while he’s editing and uploading new videos.

4. Keep to a strict video upload schedule.

The best way to make sure your viewers know when to expect a new video is to always upload at the same time on the same day. By keeping a schedule, you won’t have to depend on post notifications. Your videos will become a part of your viewers’ weekly routines.

Think about how long it takes to make a new video and how many times you want to upload a week. Then, establish an upload schedule that works for you.

To make sure your viewers are notified about new uploads, encourage them to turn on post notifications on all of your social media. Keeping a strict upload schedule helps as well.

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