3 Tricks For Getting More Views On All Of Your YouTube Videos

Every vlogger knows that the more views your YouTube video gets, the more money you can make through AdSense. Whether a video was posted last week or last year, boosting its views can help you earn more money to support your content creation as well as find favor with the YouTube algorithm. Videos with more views are more likely to be promoted to potential viewers as suggested videos.

Here are three tricks for getting more views on all of your YouTube videos.

1. Link your videos through annotations.

If you mention a past video in a new video, link them together by creating an annotation. Do the same for similar videos. Be sure to tell your viewers where the videos are linked and add the links in the description as well. Check out this post to learn how to use annotations to make your videos stand out.

The creators behind DanAndPhilGAMES end each video with a link to their previous video in the end screen. They insert the link as an annotation so that viewers just have to click on the thumbnail to watch the video.

2. Organize your videos into playlists.

When viewers find a video they enjoy, then they’re likely to enjoy similar videos as well. To make sure the videos they keep watching are yours, organize your videos into playlists by topic. For example, if you’re a beauty vlogger, you might make playlists for beginner tutorials, product reviews, and collabs.

Millions of viewers love Safiya Nygaard’s videos. To guide new subscribers towards content they’ll love, she organized her videos into playlists such as “The Internet Made Me Buy It.”

3. Create your own video series.

When you get hooked on the first episode of a new TV show on Netflix, you often can’t help but binge-watch the rest of the season. Get viewers invested in several of your videos by creating a series of your own. Take a single video idea and expand it into several videos’ worth of content.

Beauty guru James Charles created a two-part series about sneaking into a convention. By splitting the video up, he got twice as many views as a single video would’ve gotten.

In order to get more views, you have to show your viewers more videos they’ll want to watch. Use these tricks to get more views on all of your YouTube videos.

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