5 Common Problems YouTubers Face And How To Fix Them

Since YouTube first launched more than ten years ago, vlogging has become an important part of the entertainment industry. There are thousands of channels and thousands of creators who make their livelihoods through making videos. Because so many people are self-employed through YouTube, many of them face the same work-related issues.

Here are five common problems YouTubers face and how to fix them.

1. You’re depending on YouTube itself to notify subscribers about new video uploads.

Since YouTube introduced the notification bell to notify subscribers about new video uploads, vloggers and viewers alike have noticed that the feature doesn’t work properly. Because their subscribers aren’t being notified, many creators have suffered a severe drop in views between videos.

However, YouTube isn’t your only option to notify your fans about new video uploads. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have post notification features that work properly. When you upload a new video, post the link on all of your social media immediately. Follow the tips in this post to encourage your followers to turn on your social media post notifications.

2. Your viewership isn’t consistent.

A consistent viewership is important because videos that get more views the day they’re uploaded will appear as suggested videos to more potential viewers, but even vloggers who have millions of subscribers can see dramatically different numbers from video to video. If your subscribers don’t know when to expect a new video, they may not be able to make the time to watch it until a few days later.

Make sure your videos become a part of your viewers’ weekly schedules by keeping a strict upload schedule of your own. Pick a specific day or days of the week and a general time frame that works best for your audience. You may want to post a poll or experiment with different upload times to see which time slot your viewers respond to best.

For more tips on creating an upload schedule that works for you, check out this post and watch the video below.

3. You want to make videos on old trends.

Every so often, a new video takes the internet by storm. Suddenly, it seems as if every YouTuber is jumping on the bandwagon and making a similar video of his or her own. However, trends fade, and the same kind of video that got millions of views a few weeks ago doesn’t do so well anymore.

Perhaps you really enjoyed a certain trend. Maybe your audience wants more, or you had the time of your life filming those videos. If you want to breathe new life into an old trend, think of how you can put a new spin on it. For a few ideas on how to make a video trend your own, read this post.

A while back, the trend of recreating someone else’s makeup tutorial swept through the online beauty community. Though FX makeup artist Mykie, the creator behind Glam & Gore, didn’t make one of these videos when it was popular, she decided to make one recently. Rather than simply recreating someone else’s tutorial, however, Mykie consulted her roommate for different ideas. Together, the girls decided that Mykie would try to recreate a James Charles tutorial using only the voiceover.

4. You can’t afford to fund the videos you want to make.

With fluctuating view counts, your YouTube income likely varies from month to month as well. Even if you have sponsorships or other projects supplementing your income, it still may not seem like enough to fund the videos you dream of making. Whether you’re just starting out or have been creating videos for a long time, everyone has video ideas they simply can’t afford to produce on their own.

This is where crowdfunding comes in. With the support of your audience, you can raise the funds you need to create the kind of content they want to see. Many vloggers turn to Kickstarter for one-time projects or Patreon for monthly fundraising. YouTube is launching its own Patreon-style crowdfunding feature called Channel Memberships, which you can learn more about here.

It’s not just up-and-coming creators who struggle to fund their more ambitious projects. Last year, longtime vlogger KickThePJ found that his YouTube income wasn’t enough to support the kind of videos he was passionate about creating. By launching a Patreon for his channel, he enabled himself to create an ambitious Patreon-funded video every month on top of his weekly videos.

5. You’re running out of video ideas.

For every vlogger, there comes the time when you simply feel as if you’ve run out of ideas. Scrolling through your feed, it may seem as if every great video idea has already been done. The more often you upload, the more often you may feel at a loss of ideas.

However, to kickstart your creativity, remind yourself why you started making videos in the first place. You started this career because your brain has a never-ending stream of video ideas your viewers will love. In order to access those ideas, you just need to brainstorm. To brainstorm a lot of video ideas at once, check out this post.

If you’re facing a problem in your vlogging career, you’re not alone. Look to other creators and see how they’ve overcome similar issues. Remember that you can and will find success as a YouTuber.

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