5 Quick Ways To Improve Your Videos

No matter how much a channel grows, a creator always has room for improvement. Not only should you be focused on getting more views, but you should prioritize making better videos as well.

Here are five quick ways to improve your videos.

1. Put a ring light behind your camera.

Lighting has a huge effect on the overall quality of your videos. When a video is well lit, not only does the footage look better, but the subject does as well.

You can easily improve your video lighting by placing a ring light behind your camera. Though these lights are most often seen in beauty videos, they’re an ideal tool for any creator to have.

2. Allow yourself to film several takes.

Unless you’re doing a live stream, you don’t need to get your video perfect on the very first take. Allow yourself to film as many takes as you need to, even if that means starting the video over several times.

If you run out of room on your camera’s SD card, either switch to a new SD card or pause your filming to clear space on the one you’re currently using. Store your extraneous footage on an external hard drive in case you decide you’d rather use one of those takes in the future.

3. Write short, interesting titles.

As the saying goes, first impressions are everything. The title of a video impacts a viewer’s perception of it. Therefore, you should write titles that introduce your videos in an interesting way.

Your titles should also be short and to the point. Focus on word choice, making use of colorful verbs and powerful nouns instead of stringing together a bunch of adjectives.

4. Make use of your end screen.

An end screen is your personal classified ad. You can advertise your merch, promote old videos, or tell fans to follow you on your other social media accounts.

Once you’ve added an end screen, you can personalize it with different elements. Find out how to add an end screen and which elements you should include in this post.

5. Focus on topics you’re passionate about.

Most importantly, your videos should focus on topics you’re passionate about. Even if your slime videos get thousands of views, you’ll get burned out quickly if your real passion is music.

However, on the contrary, when you make videos about your favorite subjects, your enthusiasm will shine through. Your videos will become better the more you enjoy making them.

You can quickly improve any video with a ring light, several takes, and an interesting title. Focus on creating videos you’re passionate about and proud of, and watch their overall quality improve.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.