How To Get More Views With An End Screen

An end screen is like a full-page advertisement in a newspaper. You can promote whatever you want, whether it’s another video, merch, or a show. You can even encourage viewers to subscribe.

Here’s how to get more views with an end screen.

Utilize the last twenty seconds of your video.

Your end screen can be between five and twenty seconds long. So, you shouldn’t let it go to waste. Even if you haven’t included an end screen before, you should start adding them to your future uploads.

However, keep in mind that your branding watermark, card teasers, or any other interactive elements won’t be visible during your end screen. Therefore, you have to make those last few seconds count.

Add an end screen in YouTube Studio beta.

To add an end screen to a video, go to YouTube Studio beta. Then, open your Videos page. Select the video you want to add an end screen to.

In the left menu, click on “Editor.” Finally, select “Add an end screen.” Now, you’re ready to customize it!

Customize your end screen with different elements.

Once you’ve added an end screen, you can start customizing it with different elements. To keep your design simple and organized, start by applying a template.

From there, you can alter and add elements as you please. You can add videos, playlists, a subscribe button, or a channel icon. If you’re part of the YouTube Partner Program, then you can also add links.

Choose a few key things to promote.

As a YouTuber, you probably have a lot of things to promote. You have playlists, previous videos, merch, side channels, and collab partners. However, your viewers only have a few seconds to take it all in.

Therefore, you should choose a few key things to promote. Start with your previous video and a subscribe button. Then, add any side channels you have or any collab partners who were in the video with you. Then, if you have room left on your screen, choose one or two other things you really want to promote.

Adding an end screen can help you get more views by directing viewers to previous videos. It can also encourage them to subscribe. Utilize the last twenty seconds of your video with an end screen.

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