What Every Video Creator Can Learn From BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is home to many of the viral stories and trending topics that take social media by storm. Over on YouTube, BuzzFeed often dominates the trending page. It’s hard to go on YouTube without having at least one BuzzFeed video in your recommendations.

Here’s what every video creator can learn from BuzzFeed.

Series maximize on the viral success of a great idea.

Whenever you see a BuzzFeed video on the trending page, it’s often similar to one you’ve seen before. This is because BuzzFeed turns its viral hits into popular video series. These series are divided into seasons and episodes as if they were airing on television.

One of BuzzFeed’s most popular video series is “Worth It.” This is the series that started the “cheap vs. expensive” video trend. The series has found so much success that the team behind it has been able to film across the world.

Amazing videos are the product of an amazing team.

BuzzFeed wouldn’t have such successful videos without the extremely talented team behind them. A viral BuzzFeed video isn’t likely to be solely the product of the onscreen talent. These videos are a collaboration between writers, editors, producers, and crew.

BuzzFeed is a great place for creatives to grow before launching their own independent careers. For example, before launching their incredibly successful channel, the Try Guys were a part of BuzzFeed. Now, they have a team of their own to support their ambitious content creation.

Concentrating in a niche can help grow your audience exponentially.

While BuzzFeed’s main channel videos experience a lot of success, their secondary channels have become so successful that entire fanbases have sprung up around them. Most notably, BuzzFeed Unsolved and BuzzFeed Multiplayer have become fan favorites.

Most of BuzzFeed’s secondary channels were created specifically to house series that became popular on the main channel. For example, “Ladylike” was on a different BuzzFeed channel before its success earned the show a channel of its own.

BuzzFeed consistently produces viral videos by allowing its team members to focus on specific series. By focusing on series with proven track records for success, BuzzFeed reaches millions of viewers across its multiple channels every week.

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