How To Promote Your YouTube Channel With Twitter Moments

Like YouTube, Twitter brings attention to content creators through what trends. If a vlogger’s tweet goes viral, it could end up as part of a Twitter Moment, which encapsulates several user responses to a trending topic. Becoming a part of a Twitter Moment can bring a lot of attention to your Twitter and, by proxy, your YouTube channel.

Here’s how to promote your YouTube channel with Twitter Moments.

1. Interact with viral threads.

Many Moments start when a user poses a simple question to his or her followers. It could be anything from swapping childhood stories to debating the best way to eat a Kit-Kat. As more people reply to the original tweet, it builds into a thread.

A thread can also start when users make statements that go viral. For example, when one user shared his idea for getting more Tinder matches, the hundreds of replies became a hilarious thread. The user’s own comment became a top reply when he acknowledged that British YouTube star Phil Lester had liked the original tweet.

Like Phil, you should interact with these viral threads. Be sure to have your YouTube channel linked in your bio!

2. Participate in trending hashtags.

Trending hashtags often become Moments as well. Two great accounts for finding trending hashtags are Hashtag Roundup and late night host Jimmy Fallon. These creators start worldwide trends quite often.

If you reply to one of Jimmy Fallon’s trending hashtags, your response may even be featured on his television show and YouTube channel!

3. Start Moments of your own.

Finally, on top of contributing to other Twitter users’ viral fame, why not strive for a little of your own? Make your own Moment-worthy tweets by asking interesting questions or sharing crazy moments from your daily life. Be sure to answer replies to help your thread gain more traction.

Over the holidays, British vlogger Daniel Howell unwittingly started a Twitter moment when he shared the story of his dog Colin stealing the family Christmas cake.

Twitter Moments bring a lot of attention to accounts of any size. By contributing to viral threads and hashtags, you can direct some of that attention to your own social media presence. Make sure to have your YouTube channel linked in your bio so users who click on your page know where to go next.

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