How This YouTuber Continues To Expand Her Business Daily

Aaliyah J. is a YouTube sensation who does hair and cosmetic tutorials as a career.

Here’s why she’s one of the best at marketing on YouTube.

1. She’s very passionate about her profession.

It’s understood that hair and cosmetics was her calling. In a video on YouTube, she talks about how she started and what influenced her to start her career. The video has over a million views on YouTube.

Here’s the video on how she got into making tutorials.

2. Her tutorials are very informative yet brief.

Aaliyah J. doesn’t waste much time explaining her tutorials. She gets straight to the point while giving great examples on how to enhance a woman’s features. In a video where she received over 40 million views, she mastered her techniques.

Check out the video.

3. She’s considered the best at what she does.

The reason why people are acknowledging Aaliyah J. so highly is because she helps women look gorgeous without spending much money, which is great since hair and cosmetics can be very pricy. In her latest video, she demonstrates her tutorials while keeping it under $50.

Here’s the video.

As a YouTube marketer, let your passion shine through your videos. If you master this concept, there’s a strong chance there will be more people interested in watching your videos.

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