How This Rapper Became A Sensation

Key!, who is also known as Fatmankey, is an artist who’s very innovative and paved the way for the new generation of rappers coming out of the Atlanta area.

Here’s how Key! started to receive some recognition.

1. He’s always been around the right people.

Even though Key! is known as an introvert when it comes to interviews and the camera, there’s no doubt that he helped start the careers of artist such as Og Maco, Two-9, 21 savage, and many others.

In a recent song called “Bloody Trap” by Madeintyo ft. Key!, Madeintyo paid homage to the unique Atlanta rapper by saying, “Key you know you paved the way” in his lyrics.

Here’s an audio video for the song “Bloody Trap.”

2. He has a sense of humor.

If you follow Key! on his social networks, he lets you see another side of him, which gives you a sense of who he is. In his latest video, Key! Has a song titled “Regular Guy.” It shows off his character and signifies him through the title of the song.

The video has a good amount of views on YouTube, although it’s only been out for two weeks.

Check out the video.

3. He worked with a music mogul.

As time goes on, the more known Key! is becoming. Even though he’s not really sociable, his connection with ASAP Rocky is starting to get him noticed on a higher pedestal. They have a hit song out called “Crazy Brazy,” which was performed on Stephen Colbert show.

Here’s the video of the performance.

For many artists, it’s hard to show your personality in certain environments you aren’t comfortable in. Therefore, you should use other ways to show your fans and others that you are different but that you have character.

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