Why YouTube Viewers Love Tag Videos

The internet loves a good tag video. Tag videos, in which a YouTuber answers a series of questions or completes a task related to the “tag” in question, are everywhere on YouTube but each is unique. They create solidarity and a sense of community by allowing YouTubers to answer similar questions or complete similar tasks. And they are always fun for viewers and fans to watch.

Here are a few tips for your own tag video:

1. Get personal.

Viewers tend to enjoy seeing a more personal side of their favorite YouTubers. Tag videos allow them to show real interactions with their best friends or significant others; they can tell funny stories from the past or reveal things about themselves that viewers were unaware of before.

When creating videos, don’t be afraid to make them personal; people tend to respond well to that.

2. Be authentic.

Viewers also enjoy the authenticity of tag videos; most tag videos include real, candid reactions and interactions in relation to the tag in question. When creating videos, always be honest and authentic.

3. State an opinion.

Many tags, like those that begin with the phrase, “unpopular opinions,” work as a medium for YouTubers to state their personal opinions. When making YouTube videos, don’t be afraid to be up front and take a stance; you do not need to conform to the opinions of others or hesitate to state your own beliefs or thoughts.

Tag videos allow YouTubers to show a personal side of themselves, be authentic, and state their opinions; those three effects are applicable to many other types of video as well.

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Jana is a Communication Studies major and French Studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She loves Mac DeMarco, Beyonce, and the ocean.

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