4 Unexpected Places to Sell Your Music

Music is everywhere in modern culture, and there are many places you might not think of that will be willing to buy your work. Beyond the standard direct purchases from your audience, look to other buyers like film and video game producers. The benefit of studios like this is the potential to have a movie or game become huge, giving you tons of exposure.

1. Sell to YouTube channels.

YouTube channels are given a certain amount of stock music by default, but many search around for some quality tunes to play behind their video footage. As a musician, you can take advantage of this. Search around for small, or even large, channels that are willing to dish out some cash for customized and theme-fitting music.

An example is the channel Chefsteps, who have stated they have their own in-house music producer. You can see the quality in their work.

2. Movies need music, too.

While JJ Abrams might not be looking for indie music production, many smaller movie agencies and even solo productions will be looking for unique music. The melody behind a picture sets the tone for the entire film, so make sure you are putting out a diverse set that can be applied to any genre of movie.

Even better, you can specialize in one genre. The point is that theme matters.

3. Contact video game producers.

Not a lot of musicians consider video game producers as an option, but it is a great choice. Consider indie producer. They don’t have the capital to hire major music labels, but they still need songs for cut scenes or ambient melodies. You should be there to fill that need.

Look to composer Hans Zimmer, who wrote music for not only movies like Inception and Interstellar but also video games such as Crysis.

4. Commercials and advertisements.

When companies are buying TV spots to play their advertisements, they look for music producers to keep their commercials catchy and modern. While Katy Perry songs are a cheap way for them to garner attention, smaller music producers offer a much lower price.

If you decide to create music for advertisements, most of the time you should keep it uplifting and almost dance-like. Make it so that when people hear it on TV, they will want to buy that product.

Success in the music industry requires just as much creativity as music production itself. Find unique and niche places you will fit in to sell your music, aside from selling directly to your fans as you already should be. Remember to be writing these songs for a company, and not hoping companies will come looking for you specifically. However, if you try all or just one of these, you’ll surely find success.

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Sean Harris is a writer in the midwest US who plans on majoring in computer science or physics at college. He enjoys listening to music, blogging, and reading.

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