4 Ways to Overcome Insecurities as a Musician

Confidence helps musicians become successful. Insecurities always find a way to creep up when thrown under the limelight to be judged, which is why it’s important for musicians to learn to cope with self-doubt. Overcome any doubt that may hold you back from your goals.

Musicians should do this to overcome insecurities.

1. Learn from better musicians.

Instead of allowing competition to discourage, musicians take note of what makes their competition worthy.  Stay openminded.  Competition elevates.

2. Be okay with failing.

No state in life is permanent, especially failure. The quicker musicians come to terms with failing, the more open and optimistic they’ll become. Learn from every mistake and keep pushing through.

3. Make small goals.

Having long term goals are important to succeed, but making a skyscraper when you only have pieces of wood seems nearly impossible. Short term goals, such as reaching 1,000 YouTube views,  allow the light at the end of the tunnel to shine a little brighter and keeps up momentum.

4. Brush off negativity.

Being a musician is composed of many rewarding aspects, but unfortunately negative criticisms are just another piece of this puzzle. Musicians will inevitably find people who do not enjoy their music. Once musicians come to terms with this concept, the less stress will be felt by any individual rejection.

Insecurities are a nice little reminder of humility. These tips will teach musicians how to deal with insecurities will create a more stress-free life for musicians.

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Roselie Kelly loves to explore and meet new people. She recently moved to Dublin Ireland, where she spends her time teaching English as a foreign language, running, picking up new hobbies and being a dutiful temp receptionist/runner/errand girl/cookie snatcher!

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