How This Woman Gained Almost 3 Million Subscribers In 8 Months

Safiya Nygaard is a former BuzzFeed employee turned YouTube sensation. Though she’s only been posting her own videos regularly for about eight months, she’s already been invited to VidCon, collaborated with Simply Nailogical and Wengie, and been on the top of YouTube’s trending page.

Here’s how Saf gained almost three million subscribers in eight months.

1. She creates timely videos that get trending.

Saf pays close attention to what’s currently buzzing on social media. She often tests the latest products that are trending all over Instagram and Facebook. Because viewers have already seen what she’s testing on social media, they’re more likely to click the video to see how the product or hack works in real life.

Saf tried this face mask 3D printer after seeing it all over Facebook.

2. She learned how to produce and market a video successfully.

Before she fully pursued YouTube as her career, Saf worked in BuzzFeed’s video department. She had the skills and education to produce a high-quality video, and she learned how to market a video as well. She created the successful video series “Ladylike,” which BuzzFeed still creates.

When she grew tired of the constraints that BuzzFeed put on her creativity, Saf decided to branch out and create videos on her own.

3. She listens to her viewers and what they want.

Saf creates many of her videos based off of what her viewers want to see more of. When they respond well to a video, she tries to adapt the same idea into a new and different format.

She often hits up her subscribers on social media for help planning video ideas.

Safiya Nygaard became such a popular content creator so quickly because she learned how to make the kind of videos that trend. By building up a community around her channel, she attracted almost three million subscribers.

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