How Liza Koshy’s New Video Got Trending

With more than eleven million subscribers, Liza Koshy is one of the queens of YouTube. Her quirky, outgoing personality attracts millions of viewers every single week. It was no surprise that her latest video got to the top of YouTube’s trending page.

Here’s how Liza Koshy’s latest video got trending.

1. She shared something extremely personal with her viewers.

In the description of her video, Liza told her viewers that she’d been anxious to post the video. However, by opening up about her own anxiety, she was able to help a lot of her viewers learn to cope with their own. Even viewers who didn’t have any of their own experiences with anxiety appreciates Liza’s openness and honesty.

2. She created a relatable video.

Many of the comments on Liza’s new video are from fans who experience anxiety thanking Liza for sharing her struggles with them. Because social anxiety affects many people, millions of viewers were able to relate to her video.

Liza often creates videos about problems that many people struggle with.

3. She still kept it lighthearted and funny.

Liza is known for her quirky sense of humor. Rather than make her latest video completely serious, she kept it lighthearted and funny. Viewers who love Liza’s comedy content were still able to enjoy her more personal video.

Liza’s talent for comedy is what first made her a star.

Liza Koshy’s latest video got trending because it was personal, relatable, and funny. Emulating her video style will help you get trending, too.

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