How Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Got Millions Of Views

Taylor Swift is known as the girl next door, but over the years, she has been changing her music up. She has been adding more pop songs into her collection. Since her genre of music keeps changing, Taylor decided to change with it.

Here is how her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video received millions of views.

1. Taylor Swift created her song to draw attention to herself.

Taylor was in hiding for a couple of months, and people were not sure what she was doing. After some time, she decided to come out again with a new song and video. This new song made a big comeback for her career. This new content explained how Taylor was a new woman and that she was going to start making changes for the better.

Creating a dramatic video like Taylor can become a huge hit because people like to see a different side of their favorite artists rise out of nowhere.

2. She took a risk by creating a different kind of music video than she is used to.

Taylor Swift is known for her sweet and innocent videos, but she has now changed to a more popular genre. Her new music is based on pop, and it is something different from what she is known for.

Creating new content that is different from your own can be a good way to discover new genres and content.

3. Taylor used symbolism in her video.

In her music video, she said that “the old Taylor” was dead. She used her video to show that the different sides of her are no longer there. She showed different versions of herself in the video to show her different phases.

This can be a good tactic because it keeps the video interesting. It is a good idea to create interesting content because it can help you bring viewers in.

Taylor Swift is changing as the generations change, and that has helped her get more views. Don’t be afraid to take risks because it can become the next popular thing that people watch.

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