Why You Should Not Think of Other Artists as Competition

It is easy to get intimidated by people working toward the same dream. However, teamwork is a major requirement for the entertainment industry. Working together is beneficial to individual careers as well.

1. Acknowledge and Appreciate

Finding other musicians on YouTube that are in the same genre as you is not something that should be feared. Try setting up meetings with other artists to discuss the work you are both doing. It will help to prepare you for professional business meetings in the future and make connections that could potentially lead to greater things.

2. Broadening Fanbases

Networking is key. When an artist is starting out, many of his or her fans are friends and family members. Subscribers are the most important aspect of YouTube channels. If subscribers are not watching and sharing videos, then there is no growth for the artist.. By being friends with other artists who are trying to succeed, fanbases can be shared, which may double the amount of views on a video. By supporting each other, artists grow individually as well as together.

3. Collaborations

It is never too soon to start collaborating with other musicians. Some of the biggest names in music got their start from being exposed to the world by a more popular artist than themselves. This tactic not only works because the popular artist has a huge following, but because that following does not know the new artist, which adds an aura of mystery. What many people don’t realize is that it can work with any size audience. Imagine collaborating with four artists, each of whom post the video on their channel.

4. Expand Your Knowledge

By communicating with people that share the same passion, ideas and skills are often shared. It’s helpful for artists trying to succeed to gain knowledge of their trade through their peers. This also provides the opportunity to diversify your music knowledge to incorporate different sounds.

Teamwork is necessary for entertainers. While it is easy to be intimidated by other artists, it’s important to remember that working well with others will help in the long run.

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Corinne Rivera appreciates every type of music, which stems from her experience in dance and playing the guitar and the flute. She currently resides in San Francisco where she studies electronic communications, explores the city’s art, and attends concerts of all genres.

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