4 Reasons Artist Mark Richardson Stands Out

Electronica music is a relatively new genre. Grown from an age of technology, this music speaks without lyrics. However, to the casual listener, distinguishing one artist from the other may seem difficult.

Mark Richardson is no such artist. With a unique and powerful sound, this artist captivates listeners from the very first note. Here are four reasons why British electronica artist Mark Richardson stands out.

1. He’s always been eager to learn more about music production.

When he was just thirteen, Mark Richardson began his first experiments with music production. Using an Amiga 500 computer and free software from an Amiga Magazine cover disk, he taught himself how to program basic beats and melodies. He soon moved onto a PC and more advanced software, and Mark eventually sent demos to several record labels in the UK. It was Mark’s eagerness that fueled his ambition.

2. He’s been working towards his goals for quite some time.

Mark Richardson released his first single, “Hard Drive,” in 2001 with Nukleuz Records. The track was released on vinyl, which was early proof that Mark wasn’t afraid to stand out. In the months that followed, he continued to push out more music. Mark Richardson even reached the UK Top 40 twice! He’s proved time and time that hard work pays off.

3. He wasn’t afraid to branch out on his own.

After a good run with Nukleuz Records, Mark decided to start two of his own labels. M R Muzik Recordings and Klub Trax now release all of Mark Richardson’s music exclusively. He’s released two albums and many EPs and singles. One his labels even did a remix for Paul Okenfold. By branching out without his original record label, Mark Richardson found success in places he might not have expected before.

4. His music is experimental.

Mark Richardson’s social media bios list multiple genres of music under the electronic umbrella. Because he is under his own labels, Mark is able to push his music as far forward as he desires. He unabashedly mixes genres and styles in his signature “in-your-face electronic music.”

Mark Richardson is a force to be reckoned with in electronic music. His successful career proves that the best way to stand out is to keep pushing yourself forward.

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