Why You Should Be Watching Vlogger Ashy Bines

Ashy Bines is an Australian fitness vlogger whose channel is growing quickly. Covering everything from fitness to family to fashion, her weekly vlogs attract thousands of viewers from all over the world.

Here’s why you should be watching Ashy Bines.

Her well-paced vlogs invite viewers into her exciting, unusual life.

The bright, colorful thumbnails and eye-catching titles promise viewers a peek inside the life of a fitness influencer. Balancing her time between plane rides and photo shoots, Ashy lives the kind of life many gym-obsessed women dream of.

Through Ashy’s videos, anyone can experience what that kind of life is like. She invites her viewers to join her and her friends on their adventures.

Unlike a lot of vloggers, she keeps it real.

In one of her latest vlogs, Ashy opens up to her viewers about getting her period right before a major photo shoot. Behind the glamour of having hair and makeup artists come to her house, viewers get to see that Ashy shares in the same struggles many of them do.

It’s moments like this that make Ashy Bines’s videos stand out from other fitness influencers. She never tries to sell the illusion that her life is perfect. Instead, by keeping it real, Ashy creates a safe space for her viewers in which they feel like they are on the same level as she is.

Her videos are visually interesting and excellently edited.

Unlike many vloggers, Ashy’s videos aren’t just her talking to the camera. The shot variation keeps her videos visually interesting, allowing viewers to see everything Ashy sees.

The cinematography in her videos is outstanding for a vlog as well. All of the footage she shares is professional quality. Viewers may feel as if they’re actually looking at the beach instead of seeing it through a screen.

The excellent editing really ties Ashy’s videos together. The differentiated shots are well-paced with changes in music that fuel each video’s energy. Even a fifty-minute video, for example, holds a viewer’s interest all the way through.

She’s more than just a vlogger.

Ashy isn’t your average social media influencer. She’s also the owner of an all-female gym and designs her own activewear line. She also models for her best friend’s fashion line.

Outside of work, Ashy is a dedicated wife and mother as well. Many of her videos revolve around her family and the balance between her work life and her home life.

By bringing her camera along for all of it, Ashy is able to show her viewers a well-rounded picture of who she is.

Ashy Bines is more than just a fitness vlogger. For an inspiring weekly look into her life, subscribe to Ashy Bines on YouTube.

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