5 Tips For Starting A Successful YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is as simple as creating an account and uploading a video file. However, starting a successful channel isn’t so simple.

When you start your channel, you should begin with the end in mind. Your main goals will steer your content in the right direction. In between the genesis of your YouTube career and your diamond play button, there are many things you can do to bring yourself closer to success.

1. Choose a channel name you can stick with for the duration of your career.

When you’re a YouTuber, your channel name becomes your name. Viewers will use them interchangeably. For example, English beauty guru Zoe Sugg is better known as Zoella.

So, when you’re choosing your channel name, think about what you want your channel to look like five to ten years in the future. If you use something generic or an old username, will you look back and cringe?

In the current YouTube landscape, the best channel name is your own name. Since the name you go by is already on your other social media accounts, you can easily integrate your YouTube channel with your current online presence.

2. Find a unique niche within a popular category.

Many of the most successful YouTubers started by creating content within a very specific niche. The more specific you can get, the better. Choose a popular category, then find a way to carve your own unique niche.

For example, beauty is an extremely popular video category. Within the beauty community, makeup tutorials receive a large number of views. Mykie, the creator of Glam & Gore, dedicates her makeup channel specifically to special effects makeup.

3. Stick to a strict upload schedule.

YouTube’s ranking algorithm favors channels that upload frequently and regularly. So, uploading on a strict schedule will help you grow your channel more quickly.

Start by uploading once a week. Choose a specific day and time to upload, and post at the exact same time on the same day every week.

Be sure to let your audience know about your upload schedule in both the video and the description. You may even put it in your header or on your channel’s about page.

4. Learn the basics of video SEO.

Search engine optimization can help you grow your channel by raising your videos in the search results. It boils down to putting the right keywords in the right places.

The basics of SEO are simple, and you can learn everything you need to know in this post.

5. Participate in video trends to grow your channel.

Though your subscription feed may feel over-saturated with trendy videos, jumping in on the fun is a really great way to grow your channel. Your video will be recommended to viewers after they watch similar ones.

Responding to viewers’ assumptions about you is the latest video trend. Ashley Wicka’s video helped her be named Creator on the Rise.

If you want to start a successful channel, then you should find a specific niche within a popular category. As you grow, continue to engage with your audience as much as possible.

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