Why Inas X Is A Force To Be Reckoned With In Music

In 2016, Inas X took the music industry by storm when she exploded onto the Top 20 Billboard Dance Chart with her hit single “Love Is.” Now, she’s grown into a powerful force in entertainment, shining a light on the importance of independence and self-worth.

She brings a unique voice to the stage.

At first glance, Inas X’s music videos are reminiscent of some of the biggest stars of today. Viewers wouldn’t be surprised to find her in a video with Nicki Minaj someday.

However, the similarities stop as soon as she gets to the chorus. Inas X defines her own unique genre as “Exotic Pop.” She brings a myriad of cultural and international influences to the stage.

For example, she celebrates her Arabian heritage in the opening of her latest single, “Lick On Me.”

She celebrates independence as well as community.

In her Hollywood vlog, Inas X explains the meaning behind the X in her name. She says that, though it originally stood for her own independence, the symbol has come to mean so much more for her and her fans.

Inas X wants listeners to think of the old saying “X marks the spot” when they see her name because she wants her music to be something they can always relate to. The X in Inas X marks the spot for her fans.

Her music sends a message of empowerment.

The most powerful aspect of Inas X’s music is the message behind it. Every song she writes is meant to make the listeners feel stronger and more sure of themselves.

Perhaps the best example of Inas’s empowering music is her collaboration with PnB Rock, “Stupid.” The track details a toxic relationship that Inas had trouble walking away from, but it transforms those painful memories into an anthem that inspires listeners who are going through something similar.

In the music industry, Inas X is a force to be reckoned with. Her unique sound and empowering message will drive her to the top of the charts.

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