Why You Should Be Watching Eli’s Show On YouTube

YouTube is full of content creators from all walks of life. On a platform where anyone can become a creator, however, it takes something a little special to become a star. One such up-and-coming vlogger is Eli Monge with his channel Eli’s Show.

Here’s why you should be watching Eli’s Show on YouTube.

1. The host has an interesting background.

Eli isn’t just a vlogger. He’s also a pro wrestler as well as a filmmaker.

Eli’s interesting background gives him the opportunity to create unique videos such as this one.

2. He’s vlogging from one of the most captivating cities in the world.

The majority of American YouTubers are based in Los Angeles. Eli, however, lives and vlogs in New York City, a mecca of culture, fashion, and cuisine.

Many of Eli’s videos offer viewers a look at NYC from a local’s perspective.

3. There’s an entire community built around the channel.

The tagline of Eli’s Show is “Join the Wolf Pack!” This growing fandom formed around Eli’s Show, so you can connect with other fans in the video comments or on social media.

Eli loves his audience as much as they love him.

Eli’s Show is the perfect channel for anyone looking to take a bite out of NYC life. Whether you’re into “day in the life” vlogs or unique characters, Eli’s Show is one channel you don’t want to miss.

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