What Makes Marco Cinelli A Rising Star

Italian artist Marco Cinelli has been creating beautiful music all across Europe. With several albums and an impressive award or two under his belt, Marco is ready to take the international stage by storm.

Here’s what makes Marco Cinelli a rising star.

1. He dedicated his life to music at a young age.

When he was only eleven years old, Marco picked up a guitar for the very first time. He later studied at the St. Louis College of Music in Rome.

Marco has been writing and recording music ever since.

2. He followed his passion for music all across Europe.

After college, Marco moved to Amsterdam with his band Growlin’ Love & Pain. There, he produced and released two albums. In 2008, the band debuted Slightly Tasteful, and in 2011, they released Breeze.

Marco then moved to Paris in order to pursue independent projects.

3. He’s continued releasing music independently.

After moving to Paris, Marco independently composed and produced his debut solo EP Parallel Postulate, which came out in 2013. Now, Marco is working to promote his latest release, Watch Me Movin.

Check out his latest music video below.

Independent artist Marco Cinelli is a rising rock star on the international stage. His new EP Watch Me Movin is out now.

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