Why Playgrounds Around The World Is An Up-And-Coming YouTube Channel

One of the best things about YouTube is that it allows viewers to explore the world from the comfort of their own devices. Channels such as Playgrounds Around The World offer viewers a look at something a little more unique.

Here’s why Playgrounds Around The World is an up-and-coming YouTube channel.

1. They offer something unique to a niche audience.

Angelica Salazar and her daughter Dasiy combined the popular travel vlogging and family vlogging niches to create their unique channel. Together, the mother-daughter duo visit the best public parks as well as indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

This channel is perfect for families with young children who are looking for something fun to do on vacation.

2. The videos are both educational and fun.

The Salazars make sure that their viewers can learn something whenever they watch a video from Playgrounds Around The World. They incorporate features such as letter of the day or playing with colors or numbers.

They often mix up their content by filming toy unboxings at the playgrounds they visit.

3. The channel keeps doing bigger and better things.

Angelica and Daisy have visited some of the coolest playgrounds. With help from Angelica’s real estate broker, they’ve planned trips to a few of San Francisco’s best playgrounds for their upcoming videos.

Angelica and Daisy have a knack for finding the most interesting playgrounds around.

Playgrounds Around The World just may be the next major family vlogging channel. Keep up with Angelica and Daisy Salazar as they explore the coolest playgrounds the world has to offer.

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