Why This Video Got 4.5 Million Views In A Week

Ryan Higa, a.ka. nigahiga, is one of YouTube’s top creators. With more than 19 million subscribers, Ryan certainly knows how to create videos that people love to watch and share.

One of Ryan’s most recent videos, “How to be Politically Correct!”, went viral, gaining 4.5 million views in just a week. Here’s how.

1. It puts a satirical spin on a common issue.

Ryan’s video addresses the common issue of political correctness. In a society where any comment can be taken as offensive, everyone from social media personalities to the occasional Facebook user may feel forced to guard their speech extremely carefully so that they don’t risk angering anyone. Ryan, however, took this speech sensitivity with a grain of salt. He made this video as a mock PSA on how to avoid offending anyone by basically saying nothing at all.

It’s Ryan’s strong sense of satire that made this video go viral. By putting political correctness under such an extreme microscope, he helped viewers realized that not everything said online is meant to cause an uproar.

Check out the video below.

2. The video addresses something that everyone has trouble with.

Videos that address the issues that many people deal with are more likely to get shared across social media. Most internet users have dealt with a case of political correctness, so they can relate to Ryan’s video. Those who think political correctness sometimes goes too far are likely to share the video, as well.

If you want to get people sharing your video, make it about something that most people can relate to, such as Ryan’s video about keeping New Year’s resolutions.

3. It’s short but powerful.

What really makes this video impactful is its short but powerful message. Because the video is only about six minutes long, viewers will be more willing to watch the entire thing than they might if it was ten minutes long.

To get more viewers, keep your videos less than time minutes long.

Ryan Higa’s “How to be Politically Incorrect!” went viral because it’s short, satirical, and gives viewers something to think about.

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