How That Poppy Became An Internet Star

That Poppy is a mysterious and unique internet star. From her strange videos to her satirical songs, That Poppy is all over YouTube. She’s inspired covers and conspiracy videos. She gets hundreds of thousands of views on every single video she uploads, too.

Here’s how That Poppy became an internet star.

1. She created a unique and mysterious persona.

No one knows quite what to think of That Poppy. Though she labels herself as a singer and songwriter, most of her content is weird and unexplainable. However, the sheer mystery of it drives viewers in as they fight to discover who the real person is behind Poppy’s platinum blonde hair and childlike voice.

Here is one of her most recent videos, which left many viewers questioning its meaning.

2. She works closely with a director who shares her specific vision.

That Poppy was recently signed to Island Records. She worked with director Titanic Sinclair on her debut music video, “Lowlife.” According to many of her video descriptions, she worked with Sinclair even before launching her music career. From his past work, viewers can see that Titanic Sinclair shares That Poppy’s strange approach to video creation.

Here is the first music video that Poppy and Sinclair collaborated on.

3. She leaves questions unanswered and viewers wondering.

That Poppy has given viewers little explanation as to who she really is and what she actually does outside of YouTube. However, it is this mystery that made her an internet star. Viewers keep watching because they don’t want to miss what might be a clue to That Poppy’s true identity.

This video is about as much explanation as That Poppy has ever given to viewers.

That Poppy became famous because she shrouded herself in mystery. She is proof that there is no set formula to internet fame.

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