Why This Song Got Over A Million Likes On Youtube

The music industry has been changing drastically with new faces over the past decade. Electronic dance music has had a surge in popular faces over the years. Traditional musicians of this genre include Tiesto and Daft Punk. New faces have been appearing in this genre of music, and one of them is a fairly fresh and young musician.

Martin Garrix has become one of the premier EDM musicians in this new generation and has produced several great hits and has been travelling the world on tour for live shows. One of his most recent songs, “Scared to be Lonely” ft. Dua Lipa, has become one of his most well-known songs.

These are the reasons why “Scared to be Lonely” has over a million likes on YouTube.

1. Martin puts a unique beat to his music.

Martin Garrix has become a prominent musician in the genre of EDM. He has utilized many creative beats and deep bass to make his songs have a unique beat. His music has been used in many commercial and even movies.

One of his initial famous songs, “Animals,” was popular for its “drop the beat” vibe.

2. He has a strong social media presence.

Social media is always important when you’re trying to reach followers or promote your creations. Martin Garrix has utilized social media quite a bit to reach his fans, as he has an Instagram page with numerous followers across the world where he promotes his events and music. His YouTube page is no different, as he currently has over five million subscribers.

Below is an example of him advertising an event on his YouTube channel.

3. His personality is magnetic.

What makes Martin Garrix unique is his personality and his interactions with his fans. He is a likable individual, as shown in his social media posts to his fans. The charm he shows on camera gives him a good image and help promote his music.

Check out an interview with Martin below.

These are the various reasons why Martin Garrix’s song Scared to be Lonely, has over a million likes on YouTube. His musical talent and style are evident, as his music pumps up crowds for parties and events. Martin Garrix’s usage of social media and his personality have helped him also gain a diverse fanbase across the world.

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