How This Creator Gained Over 16 Million Subscribers

YouTube video creators may start out focusing on one type of content in their videos, but after reaching a certain level of success, many transition to other things as well. YouTubers who focus, for example, on gaming videos may start to do comedic skits after their channels becomes somewhat popular.

One such channel that did this is KSI, which is one of the premier YouTube channels with large viewer base. KSI is based out of the U.K, and his videos are viewed across the world, which shows how successful his channel is.

Here are the reasons why KSI has over 16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

1. He started out making content in a popular genre.

KSI was initially famous for his gaming and commentary, specifically when it came to soccer video games such as the Fifa series. His commentary, along with his gameplay, intrigued viewers, as it was humorous and felt natural to them. He played other games, such as the Call of Duty series, but his most well-known videos are related to sports video games.

Below is an example of some of his gameplay and commentary.

2. His comedic skills lended themselves to skits.

KSI’s personality makes him likable to audiences, and his humor is not only applied to gameplay but also to other content he uploads. He has uploaded several comedic skits and video reactions. These videos generate quite a bit of views e and likes. These types of videos show his creativity through his ability to use his personality.

Below is an example of his comedic content.

3. He makes collaboration videos with celebrities.

One thing that KSI has been doing in some of his videos is featuring a celebrity or YouTuber as a collaboration partner. His interactions with the guest on his channel are entertaining and show his ability to be adaptable to different situations.

Here’s one of his best collabs.

These are the reasons why KSI has a massive fan following on his YouTube channel. His creativity and humor make his videos interesting and funny for his viewers. He is mostly known as a gaming commentary creator but has branched out into comedy and other forms of video production.

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