How Harry Styles’s New Single Hit The Top Of The Charts

Since the world famous boyband One Direction went on hiatus, music fans have eagerly been awaiting new music from former frontman Harry Styles. His debut solo single “Sign Of The Times” immediately dominated the top of the charts, knocking Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” from the top slot for the first time in weeks.

Here’s how Harry Styles’s new single hit the top of the charts.

1. He didn’t give too much away before its release.

Before “Sign Of The Times” came out, Harry only tweeted about his new song once. Rather than teasing the track, he kept it tight-lipped so that his listeners would be even more excited for the surprise.

Harry announced his new solo music in this tweet.

2. He followed in the style of legendary artists.

“Sign Of The Times” is a far cry from the trendy pop that made One Direction famous. Rather, Harry took his solo music in a new direction. His new material reminded many listeners of David Bowie, which attracted listeners who may not have been fans of One Direction’s music.

Listen to “Sign Of The Times” below.

3. He followed it up with news about his upcoming album.

After the huge success of “Sign Of The Times,” Harry wanted to strike while the iron was hot. To keep the momentum going, he announced the release date for his upcoming solo album. His fans, of course, went crazy.

Here’s the tweet that set the music world on fire.

Harry Styles’s new single was a huge success because he kept it as a surprise for his viewers. Because he struck while the iron was hot, his new album will be even more successful.

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