Why This New Music Video Has 20 Million+ Views

Following her smash hit single “Starving,” pop princess Hailee Steinfeld continues to cement her place as music industry royalty. Her latest release is as empowering as it is catchy. It’s no surprise that the music video for “Most Girls” got more than twenty million views within just a few weeks of its release.

Here’s why the “Most Girls” music video got so popular so quickly.

1. She first promoted the song with a lyric video.

Lyric videos get fans excited about a singer’s newest single. They allow listeners to learn the words to a song so that, when the music video finally drops, they’re more focused on the video itself than the words to the song.

The “Most Girls” lyric video got more than nine million plays.

2. She promoted the music video with a giveaway.

Hailee sported a lot of unique looks in the “Most Girls” music video. She teamed up with Mission Athlete to give her fans and followers a chance to win one of the outfits that she wore. This drove more viewers to the video to check out the awesome clothes they might win.

Hailee announced the contest in a tweet.

3. She made a music video that all viewers can see themselves in.

Just like the lyrics to her song, Hailee’s video celebrates the strength and beauty of every woman. The video features a diverse set of ladies helping Hailee share her message of empowerment. She thus created a video that every little girl watching could see herself in.

Check out the video below.

Hailee Steinfeld’s new “Most Girls” music video is shaking up antiqued ideas of women in music. It’s no wonder her viewers can’t seem to get enough.

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