How This Artist Creates Beautiful Cover Videos

Vlogger and musician Emily Jane has earned 74,000 subscribers who just love to listen to her sing. Her acoustic cover videos get thousands of viewers, and as she’s grown as a videographer, she’s learned how to create great high-quality cover videos.

Here’s how Emily Jane creates beautiful cover videos.

1. She picks songs that both she and her viewers know and love.

Like many other young music fans, Emily loves Ed Sheeran. When she covers his songs, she creates something that both she and her viewers love to listen to. Emily chooses what songs to cover based off both viewer requests and personal preference.

Her cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Dive” was one of her most popular.

2. She records with a high-quality camera and microphone.

A major factor in how good Emily’s covers sound is the equipment that she uses to record. The camera makes for a pretty audio, but its microphone alone wasn’t enough for the kind of high-quality audio that she wanted to record. Emily was smart to invest in a separate microphone to record her vocals.

Her new cover videos sound even more lovely than they did before she got the microphone.

3. She plays each song in her own unique style.

Emily’s acoustic style is a big draw for many viewers. She often takes catchy pop songs and transforms them into beautiful ballads. She plays each song herself, so viewers who know how to play guitar could easily listen to learn the chords to their favorite songs.

Emily’s version of “Shape Of You” is much more delicate and pretty than the original version.

Emily Jane is an aspiring musician who knows how to create beautiful cover videos. Follow these tips to improve your own cover videos.

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