How This Lyric Video Got Almost 7 Million Views In Two Weeks

Two weeks ago, British pop sensation Rita Ora came back with the banger “Your Song.” As her first new single in two years, “Your Song” gave fans everything they’d been waiting for. The lyric video already has almost seven million views!

Here’s what’s making “Your Song” so successful.

1. She worked with a relevant and highly skilled songwriter.

Ed Sheeran is unarguably the king of modern music. His single “Shape Of You” has been in the Top Ten for several months. He’s also been lending his mad songwriting talents to other artists, including Rita Ora.

Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac penned “Your Song” for Rita’s comeback.

Ed was also the genius behind Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.”

2. The lyric video keeps viewers engaged.

Rather than simply a static image with audio attached, the “Your Song” lyric video is a pretty animation of the words to the song. The animations move to the beat, and the pastel color scheme makes it magnetic. Viewers can play the lyric video over and over without getting bored of it.

Take a look for yourself.

3. She performed the new song live at a festival.

The week after “Your Song” dropped, Rita performed it live for the first time at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend. She mixed the song in with fans’ old favorites, which made them even more excited to watch her perform. The audience enjoyed getting to be the first to hear her new song live, as well.

Check out the performance below.

By working with skilled songwriters and releasing an engaging lyric video, Rita Ora created a surefire hit with “Your Song.” Incorporate these moves into your next single release to bring attention to your own music career.

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