Why This Dancer Is Now A Successful YouTuber

Danielle Peazar, formerly known for dating singer Liam Payne, is a professional dancer and YouTuber since March 2014. Her channel focuses on fitness, health, fashion, and beauty. Since the start of her YouTube career, she has managed to get 191,626 subscribers.

Here’s how she is growing her YouTube channel.

1. She gives health tips.

Giving advice is probably one of the best things any social media personality can do, especially when they have a big platform. Danielle uses her channel to advocate for a healthier lifestyle. She shares her secrets to staying fit and tips for eating clean.

2. She does collabs with other YouTubers.

Collabs are always fun to watch because you get to see different YouTubers come together. In this video, Tom Daley, a famous British diver, brought Danielle to his channel to collab on a cooking video. She also has videos with Tom working out and making snacks.

3. She does giveaways.

A great way to interact with your fans and show them you care about them is by doing things like giveaways. When you do this, they get to be a part of something you create to keep them excited about your channel.

The key to growing your YouTube channel is just being yourself. Danielle focuses on health, beauty, and fitness. She gives helpful tips, she does collabs, and she does giveaways to interact with her fans.

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Yocelyn Mendoza is majoring in communications and double minoring in graphic design and Spanish. She enjoys drawing, discovering new music and going on hikes.

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