How This Vlogger Gets Millions Of Views

Kandee Johnson is a beauty YouTuber. She creates beauty transformation and facial art videos. She likes to show her viewers the kinds of art that she enjoys. Her channel has a variety of art videos that many enjoy watching.

Here is how she gets millions of views.

1. She creates famous facial transformations.

Kandee’s main focus is her artistic makeup transformations. She uses different makeup tools and ideas to create unique facial tutorials. She is a professional artist who likes to share her tips on YouTube.

You can create videos with content that is unique and that you like. Your viewers can learn something new by watching your makeup reviews, for example.

2. She reviews products that relate to her content style.

Kandee enjoys making makeup reviews for her fans because it helps them know what kind of products they can use to recreate her looks. Her main channel is about makeup, and reviews are something that she constantly posts.

If your channel focuses on a topic, you can create review videos to show your fans how to recreate your ideas. When creating review videos, you are giving your viewers ideas on a product. The reviews help your viewers trust your opinions.

3. Kandee creates unique art videos.

Kandee’s main talent is body art. She creates tutorial videos for her viewers to see and try to recreate the look. She likes to post creative and abstract facial art videos. She enjoys creating this kind of content, which also radiates from her videos.
Creating content that you enjoy will shine from your videos. It is a good idea to create content that you’re truly passionate about because there are others out there that can also enjoy it.

Kandee likes to create videos that are creative and that others can recreate. She likes to make interactive videos that her fans can feel like part of. You can create unique videos that you enjoy, and it can be a good way for viewers to get to know you.

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