How This Duo Became #1 On The Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums

American duo ODESZA, composed of members Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, is back at it again with their third studio album, A Moment Apart, which dropped this past month. The group is well known in the EDM world, as they have a lot of electronic vibes in their music.

Here is why A Moment Apart became number one on the Billboard charts.

1. The album has a different sound compared to others in the EDM genre.

It’s hard to say what genre the group really falls under because although they are known in the EDM world, they have a lot of songs that could fall under other categories.

“Across The Room” has a very chill and happy tune to it.

2. Each song is unique.

Something you don’t really see often is an EDM song that has Spanish lyrics. ODESZA did just that.

They collaborated with The Chamanas, which is a Mexican indie pop band. This adds a very unique style not only to their song but their album.

3. Their music videos are expressive.

ODESZA has always made very creative music videos that are pleasing to watch. Some of their videos are also expressive because they convey messages and feelings.

In their music video “Late Night,” they gathered up fan videos to create a beautiful story. They conveyed a feeling of happiness because, although all the clips were different, the people in the video shared one common thing, which was the human aspect of having fun and adventure.

ODESZA’s album has had a positive reaction from their fans since its release. The album became very successful in portraying different sounds, feelings, and emotions. This is why they have rightfully earned a place as number one in the Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums.

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