Why This Comedian’s Video Got Trending

Comedian Lilly Singh is one of the top creators on YouTube. With more than twelve million subscribers, it’s no surprise when her videos get trending overnight. The latest video to do so hit #21 on YouTube’s trending page with 1.2 million views in twenty-four hours.

Here’s how Lilly’s latest video got trending.

1. It follows the same style of comedy that first made her famous.

Lilly’s channel is built on a sense of humor that’s both silly and sarcastic. Through skits and stories, she creates videos about what everyone is thinking but won’t say out loud. Even as her channel grew, Lilly stuck to the same video style that first got her videos trending.

2. It’s seasonal.

Back-to-school videos are trending all over YouTube right now. As more students start to go back to school, vloggers are keeping them entertained with videos that fit that season. Lilly’s comedy-based back-to-school videos are no exception.

3. It’s highly shareable.

What makes Lilly’s videos really popular is the fact that it doesn’t take a certain sense of humor to appreciate them. Her videos are generalized and simple, which makes them perfect for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Lilly Singh’s latest video got trending because it was seasonal and silly. By creating shareable, relatable content, you, too, can get your videos on the trending page.

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