Why Markiplier Has 18 Million+ Subscribers

Markiplier is one of the biggest names in the online gaming community. He mainly creates Let’s Play videos, along with occasional sketches and comedy videos. His channel has more than eighteen million subscribers and counting.

Here’s why Markiplier is such a major name on YouTube.

1. His channel is based in a popular YouTube community.

Thanks to creators like PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye, the gaming community on YouTube is alive and well. Creators who focus on gaming content often get millions of views, and Mark is no exception.

Most of Mark’s videos are playthroughs of indie and horror games.

2. He often collaborates with other major YouTube stars.

Mark has collaborated with everyone from PewDiePie to Dan and Phil. He’s been a part of a few different collaboration channels, one of which focused on sketch comedy and music. These collabs bring new viewers to his channel and send his viewers to new channels as well.

3. He released two new videos every day.

Because the video game industry is so diverse, there are plenty of video ideas for Mark to choose from. He uploads two new videos every day, which allows viewers to follow his progression through an entire game. It also gives him plenty of wiggle room to try new things and experiment with the types of videos he’s creating.

Markiplier has more than eighteen million subscribers because he creates content within a popular niche and because he creates a lot of it.

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