Why This Boy Has 1.3 Million Subscribers

Trevor Moran is a singer, activist, and YouTube star. At only eighteen years old, he already has more than a million subscribers. Every video he posts gets hundreds of thousands of views.

Here’s why Trevor Moran has 1.3 million subscribers.

1. He made a name for himself as part of a collaboration channel.

Now, YouTube is dominated by names like Ricky Dillon and Connor Franta. However, before they were some of the biggest stars on YouTube, Trevor and five of his closest friends were better known as O2L, a collab channel they ran together for two years.

Trevor still makes a lot of videos with O2L buddy Ricky Dillon.

2. He’s not afraid to test boundaries.

Even though he’s only eighteen, Trevor certainly doesn’t focus on kid-friendly content. Rather, he is unashamed to test the limits of what YouTube will allow. The mere shock factor of several of his videos is enough to draw in twice as many viewers as usual.

3. He shows off his real talents.

There are plenty of vloggers who can stage a good prank or complete a funny challenge. However, not many can sing quite as well as Trevor can. Rather than keep his music career separate from his YouTube success, Trevor often shows off his pipes in order to make a great video.

Trevor Moran’s path to YouTube stardom is only just beginning. As he continues to push the limits of what he can do, Trevor will be one of the vloggers that aspiring YouTubers can look up to for inspiration.

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