The 3 Best Ways To Promote Your New YouTube Video

When it comes to getting lots of views, YouTube video promotion is the name of the game. Next time you upload, be sure to do these three things ASAP.

1. Tweet the link to your video with a unique hashtag.

Every time vlogger Tana Mongeau uploads a new video, she encourages her followers to get it trending with #NewTanaVideo. By creating a unique hashtag and using the same one for each video, she gets plenty of free online advertising from excited fans.

2. Start interacting with fans who watch the video.

After uploading a new video, Collins Key spends the next few hours engaging with his fans online. He uses Snapchat and Instagram to send messages to subscribers who comment on his video. He also likes their Instagram pictures and follows them on Twitter.

3. Host a live stream to discuss the video with your viewers.

Dan Howell only uploads about once a month, but he hosts live shows on YouNow almost every week. After uploading a new video, he spends his live stream discussing its creation with his viewers.

As soon as you upload a new video, you should tweet the link. After viewers have watched it, start engaging with them on social media to get a discussion going. After your subscribers have all had a few hours to watch the video in their respective time zones, host a live stream online so that you can talk about it with them.

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