How This Couple Launched A Successful Channel

This time last year, YouTubers Natalia Taylor and Anna Campell were both vlogging from their hometowns. However, after joining Tana Mongeau’s collaboration channel Trash, they both found a whole new audience and an unexpected love.

Now, Natalia and Anna live and vlog together in Los Angeles, California. They recently launched their own collaboration channel, Natanna, and gained more than 70,000 subscribers in a summer.

Here’s how they launched their channel successfully.

1. They established their branding before launching their channel.

The Natanna channel description simply reads “two beans and a tripod.” Viewers who follow Natalia and Anna across social media already knew that “bean” was the girls’ pet name for each other. They started filming videos together after they moved to the place they affectionately call the “bean house” in LA.

Natalia also often calls her fans “beans,” so this branding laid the perfect framework for their content.

2. They use what makes their channel special to create content that matters.

Before they were living and working together, Natalia and Anna hid their relationship online. However, after a cruel and jealous vlogger “exposed” the girls as a couple, they both fully embraced their love for each other, both online and off.

Natalia and Anna use the hardships they faced in coming out as a lesbian couple to encourage and educate their viewers.

3. They established an upload schedule early on.

A problem that many vloggers face is consistency. However, Natalia and Anna set themselves up for success early on by setting up an upload schedule before they began posting. The channel banner declares, “New videos every Wednesday!”

Natalia Taylor and Anna Campbell were able to launch their Natanna channel successfully by setting themselves up to win early on. They celebrate what makes their channel unique and stick to a strict upload schedule.

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