Why This 16-Year-Old Rapper Has Half A Million Subscribers

It has to be every teenager’s dream to make it big before they turn twenty, and for Iamtherealak, that dream has become a reality.

His success wasn’t pure luck, though. He approached his hip-hop career with determination and strategy. Here’s how Iamtherealak earned half a million subscribers.

1. He remixed a hot track.

Desiigner’s 2016 hit “Panda” took the world by storm, and countless covers and remixes were released on YouTube.

Whether he took the time to perfect it or he’s just incredibly talented, Iamtherealak’s remix of the song stood well above the rest. The video has over twelve million views and jump started this YouTuber’s channel.

2. He invested wisely.

Iamtherealak is a rapper, not a video editor or vlogger. His videos are all the same, shot with a simple camera and the same angle in the same room.

Perhaps his fame is partially due to his videos’ simplicity. What he did spend money on was a decent mic set up. Everything else is clearly secondary

3. He stuck to what worked for him.

The channel has only fourteen videos, and they each hover around 800,000 views. This is really impressive for such a new channel, and it’s certainly thanks to his first hit video. Due to its apparent success, he has emulated the video thirteen out of fourteen times.

The only video that strays from the familiar remix format is his first music video. Branching out a little might be a good thing, but he’s not taking any risks while this iron is still hot.

Iamtherealak is still very new to the music scene, but his quick success is worth paying attention to. By starting strong and sticking to the same format, he has set expectations for viewers to keep watching.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s getting into shenanigans with his writer friends.

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